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Dual zone wine cooler, that is your smart choice
Posted by:Sunnai Electrical Appliance Updated:2012.12.21

Even in this day of home remodeling there are not too many people who have either the space or the money to build a full-blown wine cellar in their homes.  But if you are an avid wine connoisseur there is another viable option at the fraction of the cost of a French-style wine cave and that is a Dual Zone Wine Cooler.  This has been one of if not the most innovative and useful advancements for the individual wine collector.

These wine storage coolers are free standing and come with reversible doors so they can easily fit into some of the smallest spaces. The most common is the under the counter model. It will seamlessly fit into any kitchen and because they come in either stainless steel or in a handsome custom wood version with variety of stains options they will blend into any style of home with ease.

The Dual Zone Wine Cooler has accurate and easy to use controls with interchangeable temperature zones so whether you have more red or more white wines you can keep both at the perfect drinking and storing temperature.  The stable and well ventilated environment is ideal for both every day drinking wine and those special wines that you plan on aging for many years.

There are a lot of concerns about wine storage but the most often asked question is just "what is room temperature"?  People think that red wine should be served only at room temperature and white wines needs to be chilled before they are served.  They think white wines need to be kept in a standard food refrigerator.

Well, in the past room temperature was much lower than what it is today.  In today's modern world we can keep our homes warmer than in the past so this may mean that we also served our red wines far too warm.  Also, white wines can lose their flavor and nuance if they are served too chilled.  So, we may have the problem of serving red wines too warm and white wines too chilled.  Both of these problems can be solved by the Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator.  It can keep both the red and white wines in perfect drinking condition for you and your friends to enjoy.

When the Dual Zone Wine Cooler was first introduced on the market they were not cheap.  But fortunately they have come down in price over the last few years.  You can easier find them at a very affordable price on the Internet.  The Dual Zone Refrigerator models that have a capacity of twenty to forty bottles are so versatile that they will probably serve you if you have a modest wine collection.

You can find excellent deals on Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators on the many online sites that offer wide variety of models and most of them even offer free shipping.  The Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a great and smart choice for anyone who wants a wine storage cooler to keep their wine collection in the best condition as possible.  Your favorite choice of wine will be available as any time you are ready for you and your friends to enjoy.

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